Saturday, April 3, 2010

I don't remember....this is funny....

As I have been reading through my families old posts....I don't remember very much of any this. I remember somethings but I don't remember loads of the things I'm reading....this is very weird for me.


New Post New Post lalalalalalalaaaaaa!!!!

Well, in the past months I have been through speech, occupational and pulmorinary therapy. I graduated from the first in Dec. and the last late Feb. My mother talked about a women named Debbie in one of her posts. Debbie's husband is doing great! Erin(that's his name) was in my 6 weeks pulmanary therapy. We worked to build our strength side by side. Michael I'd like to know how your father is doing and I hope that he is alive and getting better. I'm doing great! I've been trying to get a job and last week I got 2 but I think I'm being worn out by I think I might have to give up one. I've been deeply blessed. Thank you for all your comments and love. I treasure them deeply. To those I've never met...I hope that one day we may meet!!! My our Father in Heaven bless you all!!!!!

with all the love i possess-

Thursday, December 24, 2009

More for myself....

In so many ways I've wanted to get out pieces of paper and write thank yous' but it doesn't seem enough. I'm now seeing a neurological therapist for my post dramaic stress syndrom. I've had time(about a month and half) to really put pieces together of what really happened to me. So here I go from what I remember. (this is more for me, for me to remember, so I'm sorry if it's bad writing.)
I got sick, first with Phenumonia. I had a doctors note for me; not to go to school. It was hard because it's not just school it's university and things just aren't that simple. I was falling behind in my courses. Getting stressed on what to do and things I couldn't do. I went back to my doctor. I was getting better then something happened and that all changed. Mom and I, one day went to the Provo emerencgy room. I named all my symptoms right then and there. The doctor told me he knew what I had, H1N1, the swine flu. I didn't believe him. They took the 24 hr saline test and it came out positive(funny because a week earlier at my regular dr they swabbed my throat and all that jazz-negitive) I couldn't take any medication for my H1N1 because I had had it for too long.
I moved back home. Not for good just till I knocked this horrible influeniza.

Friday 23 Oct. 2009 - Dad, mom and I sat on the couches all day because all of us were sick, watching episodes of Gilmore Girls. It got dark and my breathing became harder. Mom took me down to the emerengy room. I didn't stay there for very long before my mom got a call from dr. curtis our dr and said that I was being moved to ICU. I didn't know what was going on or why my mother was crying. They put the IV in me. My brother in-laws, Lloyd and Marc came down and gave me a blessing. I could see Karen outside the glass windows with my mom...I feel asleep.
(nov. 2, 2009, monday)Waking up cold hearing voices...I kept asking my mom "was I in a car accident?" "no honey you are very sick" over and over agian this conversation lasted with the same question and the same answer. I couldn't walk by myself nor stand for to long without getting tired quickly and fast. I woke one morning in the hospital(the day after I really woke up) thinking "why am i here?" I wanted my mom. I wanted her there to comfort me and say it would be okay. I remember she said she would come but minute seemed like an eternity to me. I picked up the phone. I have to dail 9 to get out but what do I do then....I'd think and think of the number remembering, there are double digits at the end....I'd start pushing buttons, then my mind couldn't remember what to do or what to push next. 9-367 or was it 362.....1388.....I couldn't remember.
A women came into my room. She did all these tests with me. Read me a story and then asked me to repeat it to her, "trying using the same words I did" I couldn't. She gave me a piece of paper with a drawing on it. "draw this image for me?" it was easy a triangle and a square. I'd put the pencil to the paper but I couldn't think of how to do it. I couldn't draw it. Day after day I was getting better and better. Stronger and stronger. I wanted to go home. I couldn't sleep at night in the hospital. One day while I was walking with one of my nurses it hit me that I had forgotten my good friends birthday, my niece birthday and halloween. It was getting dark at 5 in the afternoon.
Friday, Nov 6. 2009- Dr. alward said I could go home. It was truly a miracle how fast my mind was developing again. I still got tired easily walking but I could walk by myself for a bit before needing help. I was putting pieces of things in my mind together slowly.

To some it may seem that nothing happened to me. For me at times it feels that way. I know it did though. Was I suppose to go or stay? I know that because of all the prayers and fasting for me from people I love all over the world I am here today. Thank you!.....but it just saying that doesn't seem enough.... but thank you and bless you!!!

I might add to this with different memories that come back to me. Keep going Carolyn!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Howdy Ho Rangers!!!

Hey there friends-

It's been a while so I thought I'd update you with how I am doing. I started my "brain" therapy a few weeks ago. When I first started I would get major headaches but as I've progressed the headaches are calming down. I feel like my mind is a rubber-band that is being stretched. I've been in 3 different types of therapy and will be starting phyiscal therapy for my strength.(I have a wee bit hard time opening bottles, carrying heavy loads, etc). One therapy that I've been in is Speech therapy. This type of therapy really gave me headaches at first! I'm working on my listening and attention skills for when I return to school. I go through many different types of exercises, like: I have to listen for specific words that belong together and then ring a buzzer when they do belong might sound easy but it isn't at all. I've progressed extremely fast and my speech therapist thinks I won't have much longer before he releases me. I still get headaches when I've done to much thinking and other activities.

My 2nd type of therapy is Occupational therapy. We've been working on my typing, writing, and multi-tasking skills. At first I was whizzing through all my quizes and activities. Then, Jessica and I found a weak spot. So we're working on being able to sustain my divided attention. She too thinks that she'll be able to discharge me as well. I started with a Neuropsychologist a week ago. It's been most helpful being able to talk out my different struggles. Dr. N/A is also helping me with releasing my mind so I can sleep. It's been hard for me to be patient with my body and self because I want to get back to my busy routine and schedule. All 3 of my therapists think taking a couple of online courses will really help me and I'll be able to go my own pace.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Things I Remember....tehe:D

It's funny when I talk to different people I remember different things...for the most part I don't remember most of the last month and halfof my's quite strange. Reading to much now gives me a headache, my neck seems to be always stiff. This is what I remember.
1. I did ask for GRAPE soda tons but was satified with orange soda.
2. I don't remember how many times I asked anybody "what happened to me, was i in a car accident."
3. Waking up thinking that reality was a dream.
4. I remember random things at random times, like getting a speeding ticket on the freeway the Sunday before I got sick.
I'm slowly getting better. I appericiate everyones support for my family. With all my love(nad honey bunches of Oats)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How I am doing!

I thought I'd post again. Just to keep everyone updated on me health;) I'm getting better.....I'm still sick and have a hard time breathing. I don't really have any energy and get tired easily. So it's mostly just hanging around the house with my daddy.....some days I watch movies... my dad and I take walks to help me...and we have the same breathing machines so we keep eachother.....breathing....hahaha. My mum gets to hangout with us for my 'walk' today my mom took me to wal-mart. that was fun:D I hope that this post comes out better then my last one....I'm still not very good at many things:D Again thank you for your prayers not just for me but my family:D

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do I Laugh or Cry? (I can't sleep so I'll Write)

Dear Friends (and you are all dear to me)

Its been a a few days since we posted so here is what happening.

Yesterday morning (Monday) I took Val to the hospital for outpatient procedure to remove the stint from his kidneys and 'blast' the kidney stones again so they can finally pass. The Dr. came out of surgery and said that his oxygen level dropped so low that they were having to give him more oxygen. (Between Carolyn and Val we have learned ALOT about the importance of oxygen levels to the body.) Val ended up being in recovery eight hours and the Dr. decided he should be admitted. Val and I thought it probably was because of his recent lung surgery (they had removed 1/3 of his right lung 3 weeks ago) and that it was just his body responding to this temporary jolting. But then the Dr. said it may be a blood clot. So he is in the hospital again. The Dr. made me laugh as he said I needed to be cloned so I could be at two places at once. Believe me I've felt the same way a good many times. Last night our dear Bishop and another dear Brother went and gave him a blessing and we know all will be well. I plan to pick him up after I get Carolyn to the Provo Hospital for speech and Occupational therapy this morning (Tuesday).

While at the hospital all day with Val, two dear friends took shifts to be with Carolyn while I was gone. Peggy came from 7am to noon and Mary came from noon to 5pm. They took her on 'walks' like they did in the hospital only this time outdoors. They also got her meals and made sure she did her breathing tubes etc. I did not have to worry about her at all as she was in good caring hands. Thank you dear friends.

Twice last week when I had to either take Val to a Dr.s appointment or be away from the hospital for a few hours another two friends stepped in to be there for me. Kathy, a friend of many years from Salt Lake drove down. As she entered Carolyns room she told me that she felt she was on 'sacred ground' like she felt when she entered the temple. It touched me deeply. And Wendy who came another time and was a major help in getting her out of her hospital bed and taking care of her physical needs. Thankyou sweet friends, thankyou. And thankyou to our precious daughters who have been there as a major strength to bouye us up and lift us helping to carry our burdens.

Carolyn is doing so well. She is improving more and more and getting stronger each day. They delivered a hospital bed to the house for her yesterday so that she can sleep at an angle and still be comfortable. After she got home last Friday her bed was brought downstairs thanks to the Talbots. But at night it was too flat (alot of coughing and discomfort) so she ended up sleeping in a recliner. Her neck and head really got twisted in the night. So during the day I would heat up this wonderful rice pack (thanks to the Greiners) and put it around her neck and it helps to relieve the neck discomfort. But now she is in the hospital bed and has slept well tonight. I've gotten up several times to check on her. I know Val is well at the hospital tonight too.

Thank you to the many who have brought meals, sent cards and well wishes. We feel of your love and compassion. My sincere gratitude for you all for your kind hearts and the goodness of your souls. May the Lords choicest blessings be yours. HE is there for all of us.